Ema"puhkus" Taani moodi vol2

 "Puhkus" sai küll juba pea poolteist kuud tagasi läbi, kuid samas Eesti keskmise emapuhkuse järgi on just pool möödas ja pool veel jäänud. Tagasi tööle läksin siis, kui Logan sai 7 kuuseks. Kokku olin töölt eemal 7,5 kuud, kuna Logan sündis veits enne tähtaega. Minu teine emapuhkus läks beebi eest hoolitsemise mõttes lihtsamalt, kuid samas olin ma vähem sotsiaalsem kui esimese lapsega. Tuleks veel märkida, et pool emapuhkusest esimese lapsega oli koroona ehk 0 sotsiaalsust! 😁 Kokkuvõtlikult saan oma emapuhkuse aja jagada 3 etappi - esimesed 2 kuud ehk kultuurne emapuhkus, 2-5 kuud - sportlik emapuhkus, 5-7 kuud - reisimine.  Mina ja mu boss🥰 by Familiis TAANI REEGLID Kokku on emapuhkus Taanis 48 nädalat, millest 11 nädalat peab mees võtma ja seda ei saa oma kaaslasele üle kanda. See suht hiljutine reegel, nüüd vist juba 1 aastat vana. Eesmärk siis naised tööjõuturule varem tagasi saada ja mehed rohkem kodus. Varem sai ka tegelikult isa ja ema puhkust võrdeslt poolitada, ku

First 7 months with baby Logan🐨

Like with Nolan, I did not manage to write this post when Logan turned 6 months, so need to make it before he turns 1.😃 Last months have been busy mainly due to traveling and now back at work, so I try to keep away from the screen during weekends. Below then some highlights from the first half year with baby Logan. Overall it has been easier second time around mainly due to better night sleep. We have also been better at understanding baby´s needs since we have done this before. All energy saved are however consumed by the other child so at the end I was still as tired as before.😅 Picture by Familiis SLEEP As already mentioned above, Logan has been better sleeper than we were used with Nolan. Ofc he still woke up at night but in most cases always fell a sleep after feeding. In some point it was actually already quite catastrophic that he slept so long since my boob was about to explode. This period happened when he was about 3-4 months old. He fell a sleep around 21-22 and then woke

The Birth Story vol 2 💞

 A bit more than 2 months have passed from the second most painful event of my life.😃 To sum up it was fast and efficient, with some twist and turns. And overall a positive experience and the biggest shock is to have an extra soul to look after. Luckily having the second child is not as big life changer as the first one, but still turns the usual routine up side down. So far the first weeks/months have been easier second time around. More spicy details below! 😜 Recap of first 4 weeks! THE START OF MATERNITY LEAVE In Denmark you can go on a maternity leave 4 weeks before due date unless you have some health issues. Luckily I did not have any big issues and I quite enjoyed going to work, it was a nice routine. As mentioned in the previous post, my leave before the birth was not so excited since I decided to potty train Nolan. Better late than never. 😃 Even though it is not really advised to do it during the end of pregnancy when you are physically tired but looking back it was the bes